Originally from Switzerland, Crispin Studer earned a degree as a industrial construction designer in Biel, Switzerland. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Crispin travelled to the Yukon in the winter of 2001 where he became a dog handler in the world of mushing. He returned to the Yukon every winter before finally settling there in 2006. Building on his studies in industrial construction design, Crispin has spent the past 10 years developing his skills as a geological prospector working on projects such as the White Gold in Yukon Territory and on the Kiyuk Project in Nunavut. He is exceptionally detailed-oriented, logical, curious, adaptable and as a lifelong learner, is continuously honing his skills and knowledge as a prospector. Prospecting and sampling work took him across Canada and much of South America.



VP Logistics

Melanie Bedard is a biologist. She earned a Master’s degree in soil and environmental studies from the University of Laval in Quebec in 2001. She has worked on a variety of projects in the James Bay region and in Nunavut. Since 2006, she has been based in the Yukon and has worked in a number of capacities including logistics coordination, bookkeeping, and project implementation.

With Pika Exploration Inc, Melanie provides critical logistical support to all projects and manages the health and safety operations of the business. She knows how important solid organizational and time management skills are.



Would you like to become part of our crew? We are always looking for hard working, positive people that love the outdoors. The majority of work is happening in the summer months, but sometime we have some work as well in winter. Drop us a line here.


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